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Product Solutions

Includes work on:

- Market Research
- Focus Groups
- Concept Drawings and Computer Rendering
- Mock-ups of Product
- Engineering Prototype and Pre-Production Units
- Type Approval/Acceptance Testing
- Production in North America or Asia

  • Hardware and software engineers experienced in high speed real time operating systems, use highly integrated microcontrollers, DSPs and ASICs, with both assembler and high level programming languages
  • Test and alignment is designed-in to be fast and automated and carried out at various production stages, from bare board testing to test and alignment of loaded boards, on to full compliance testing of completed encased units before and after temperature cycling
  • Support to integrate the product into a factory’s existing surface mount production line is available as is planning and supervision for installing new SMT lines along with test and environmental cycling equipment
  • Some previously designed products have undergone examination at an accredited independent test laboratory; M. Flom Associates U.S.A., in order to certify that they would meet the appropriate type approval standard, whether it be a mobile, portable or handheld product
  • The work for each client is customized and in putting together a design, strict confidentiality for our clients and their products is practiced


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